Video: Azpilicueta hits the cameraman after body check from Lukaku!

azpilicueta cameraman lukaku

Azpilicueta hits the cameraman after body check from Lukaku during a Premier League derby between Manchester United and Chelsea.

Azpilicueta hits the cameraman after huge body check from Lukaku.

Manchester United and Chelsea ended their first half with a 1-1 draw. United was the better team and deserved their goal. Chelsea was lucky with their goal, which came out of nothing, as De Gea made another big mistake.

There was one painful moment for a certain cameraman in this match.

Lukaku made a big body check on Azpilicueta, which sent Chelsea’s defender flying off the pitch.

Azpilicueta than hit one of the cameraman that was near the pitch and sent him flying into the billboards.

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Lucky that no one got injured in this situation as Azpilicueta continued without a problem while cameraman needed a few minutes to regain his composure.

An painful moment in this match as Chelsea is still holding United to a 1-1 draw.

There is still plenty of time in this match for this to change, but Chelsea is defending very well.


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