Gif: Szczesny fantastic one-hand save on Ziyech!

Szczesny save ziyech

Szczesny fantastic one-hand save on Ziyech during a Champions League match between Ajax and Juventus!

Szczesny with fantastic one hand save on Ziyech as Ajax made a comeback.

It’s 1-1 between Juventus and Ajax. Juve took the lead due to ‘bullet’ header from Cristiano Ronaldo while Ajax came back with a lovely goal from Neres.

1-1 is a fair result, but Ajax could have easily taken the lead in this match.

Ziyech had a fantastic chance to score a goal when he got the ball on the edge of Juve’s box. He took a wicked shot that was going into the top right corner of Szczesny’s goal.

It seemed that Ajax will take the lead, but Szczesny made a brilliant one-hand save to prevent a goal.

Definitely the best save of the night (in either match) as Juve is holding an important draw in their first leg of the Champions League quarter-final.


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