Gif: Mesut Ozil throws his jacket at Everton’s staff!

mesut ozil jacket everton

Mesut Ozil throws his jacket at Everton’s staff in a Premier League match between Everton and Arsenal!

Mesut Ozil throws his jacket at Everton’s staff as Arsenal lost.

The match ended with a deserved 1-0 win for Everton. It was a shocking performance from Arsenal, who couldn’t even put together two normal passes.

Everton, on the other hand, played with a real intent and got a deserved win.

There was one controversial moment when Mustafi fouled one of Everton’s players on the touch-line. Mustafi got a yellow card and Everton’s bench reacted with outrage.

Everton’s staff started arguing with Emery and Arsenal’s staff. To make maters more ‘spicy’, Ozil got involved as well. He decided to throw his jacket at Everton’s staff, but it comically hit Emery instead.

Situation was then resolved quickly while Ozil had to continue his stay on the bench without a jacket.

A poor match for Arsenal, but a great performance from Everton, who move to ninth place in the league.


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