Gif: Jan Hurtado with UNIQUE skill against Newell’s Old Boys!

Jan Hurtado skill newell's old boys

Jan Hurtado with UNIQUE skill against Newell’s Old Boys in Copa de la Superliga!

Jan Hurtado with UNIQUE skill against Newell’s Old Boys as Gimnasia won the tie.

There was a second leg match in Copa de la Superliga between Newell’s Old Boys and Gimnasia.

Clubs that are in the lower part of the league offered an interesting match. Gimnasia won the match with a 1-3 score and knocked out Newell’s Old Boys. A deserved win, given that Gimnasia had more shots and was showing a lot more intent on winning this match.

The first leg ended with a 0-1 win for Newell’s Old Boys but that wasn’t enough.

It’s strange that Newell’s couldn’t knock out Gimnasia despite having, in both matches, a player more on the pitch.

Besides the interesting match and result there was also one unique skill.

Jan Hurtado, who is young Venezuela’s player with huge potential, made one of the most unique skills you’ll likely to see.

This happened near the sideline where Hurtado faced one of Newell’s players.

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It’s difficult to explain the whole skill as the player used his backheel to get the ball in the air and then used his backheel to make the pass to his teammate.

It’s best that you see this skill for yourself as Hurtado is quickly making a name for himself.

Gimnasia progressed to the last-16 of the cup competition where they will face Defensa y Justicia.

Despite this win, Gimnasia is in poor form and it is expected that they are going to lose to Defense, who is in fantastic form and is second in the league.


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