Gif: Douglas Costa elastico nutmeg on Veltman!

douglas costa elastico nutmeg veltman

Douglas Costa with elastico nutmeg on Veltman during a Champions League match between Ajax and Juventus!

Douglas Costa with elastico nutmeg on Veltman as Ajax hold Juve.

The match ended in a 1-1 draw as Ajax managed to equalize in the second half. They had a chance to win the match, but Szczesny made a superb save.

An entertaining match, without a winner, saw one superb skill from Douglas Costa.

Brazilian had Ajax’s defender Veltman right before him so he used his skill. He made a brilliant elastico nutmeg that even Ronaldinho would be proud of.

A super skill that left Veltman looking for his former self while Costa created a solid attacking move for Juve.

This draw is a lot better for Juve than Ajax. Dutch team will have to do everything in Italy while Ronaldo again proved to be a decisive factor in Champions League.


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