Video: Tavernier gets attacked by Hibernian fan!

tavernier fight hibernian's fan

Tavernier gets shockingly attacked by Hibernian’s fan during Scottish League match!

Tavernier gets attacked by Hibernian’s fan as Hibernian has equalized.

It’s 1-1 between Hibernian and Rangers after Hibernian scored a goal in the second half.

An interesting match that had it’s fair share of controversial situations.

The most controversial situation happened when one of the Hibernian fans tried to fight with Tavernier.

James Tavernier tried to get the ball to make a quick throw-in. For some bizarre reason, one of Hibernian fans entered the pitch and wanted to prevent Tavernier his throw.

He had a scuffle with Ravernier which almost resulted in a fight. Luckily, there was a steward nearby and he stopped the whole thing, but it was still a crazy moment.

That fan should never be allowed to attend football matches while Tavernier should get some praise for keeping cool in a difficult moment.


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