Video: Marcus Rashford funny free kick against PSG!

rashford free kick psg

Marcus Rashford funny free kick against PSG during a Champions League match!

Marcus Rashford funny free kick as United is in the lead.

It’s shocking, but Manchester has already scored two goals after PSG made two mistakes.

Lukaku scored the both goals as he scored his first one thanks to a bad back-pass while the second one was a mistake from Buffon.

PSG also scored one goal which makes this tie still in PSG favor but it’s still open.

One of the funniest moments happened when Marcus Rashford decided to take a free kick. This happened near the middle of the pitch.

Rashford wanted to pass the ball to one of the defenders but made such a poor pass that it ended in the sideline way in United’s side of the half.

A funny free kick that didn’t deter Rashford in this match as he helped Lukaku score his second goal.

An interesting match that can still go in any way.


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