Video: Bernardeschi awesome bicycle kick shot vs Atletico!

Bernardeschi bicycle kick atletico

Bernardeschi awesome bicycle kick shot against Atletico Madrid in Champions League!

Bernardeschi awesome bicycle kick shot as Juve is in the lead.

Cristiano Ronaldo has scored the goal to make this match “alive”. Atletico has defended well until the goal, but Ronaldo’s positioning was just too good.

The best moment of the match so far doesn’t have anything to do with Ronaldo though.

A cross from the left found Bernardeschi inside Atletico’s penalty area. Juve’s midfielder was in a tough position as the ball was going away from him. Bernardeschi still made an awesome bicycle kick shot that was always going wide.

A great moment from Bernardeschi as Juventus is showing a different performance in the second leg.

Juve still needs to score another goal to equalize the tie. They have Ronaldo and possession while Atletico is having problems creating any kind of chances.


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