Gif: Scott Brown laughing at departing Morelos!

scott brown laughing morelos

Scott Brown laughing at departing Alfredo Morelos, who was sent off because of an elbow on Brown during a match between Celtic and Rangers!

Scott Brown laughing at departing Morelos as Rangers scored an equalizer.

Celtic and Rangers are now locked in a 1-1 draw. Celtic completely dominated the first half but dropped in the second half and Rangers took advantage of it.

The most controversial situation in this match involved Morelos and Brown.

Brown tried to trip Morelos, who made a crazy reaction and elbowed Brown. Morelos got a direct red card while Brown got away with it.

When Morelos was going off the pitch, there was Brown smiling at Morelos, knowing full well that he got him sent off with that slight provocation.

Unprofessional from Brown, but Rangers have made a comeback in the second half. Match isn’t over yet


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