Gif: Iwobi nutmeg on Sanchez!

iwobi nutmeg sanchez

Alex Iwobi nutmeg on Davidson Sanchez during Premier League match between Tottenham and Arsenal.

Iwobi makes a nutmeg on Sanchez as Arsenal took an early lead.

It’s 0-1 for Arsenal who took an early lead through departing Ramsey.

A deserved lead for Arsenal who took their chance well.

Despite this match is still early, Iwobi already made one of the skills of the match.

He was on the right side of Tottenham’s side of the pitch. Arsenal was trying to form an attack, but Tottenham players were all over the place. Iwobi had Sanchez right before him, and he made a lovely nutmeg right between his legs.

An early cheeky skill from Iwobi as Tottenham is pressing for an equalizer.

Match is still early, so you can expect plenty of goals to be scored in this North London derby!



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