Zanetti: ‘Icardi is still an important player for Inter!’

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Javier Zanetti thinks that Mauro Icardi is still an important player for Inter Milan!

Javier Zanetti is still optimistic about Icardi as Inter’s main striker is in a strange position.

Mauro Icardi is one of the best strikers in the world and he’s playing for Inter Milan.

Inter signed him from Sampdoria in 2013 and made one of the best transfers deals in their recent history.

In his six years at Inter, Icardi has scored more than 100 goals in the league, becoming captain of Inter and one of the star players in Serie A.

It seemed that everything is going according to the plan when news broke that Icardi was stripped of his captaincy and sent to the stands.

The reason for this was an ‘impasse’ in his new contract negotiation.

It is believed that he wants to leave the club at the end of the season while Inter is desperate to keep him at the club.

The thing that complicates the situation even further is Icardi’s wife, who is also his manager, Wanda Nara.

“Icardi still has future at Inter!”

She is supposedly the main reason why Icardi wants to leave Inter and why this ‘impasse’ was created in the first place as she is pressing for too much money.

You have probably heard about Wanda-Mauro-Maxi triangle that damaged Icardi’s status in the national team. Well, Wanda is again complicating Icardi’s career as Inter’s superstar has found himself frozen at the club.

Despite Icardi’s status and his non-injury, Icardi still has a future at Inter according to Javier Zanetti.

Zanetti is a former Inter legend and current director of football at the same club. As reported by Sky Sport Italia, Zanetti had this to say about Icardi.

“Mauro’s still an important player for us. We hope to have him back for this tie. It would help the team. I believe that when there are problems in the dressing room, you have to solve them internally. That way, this group can get stronger and stronger.

“I’m sorry for the situation that has arisen but, I repeat, it must be sorted with the first thought being the good of the team. The [captaincy] decision wasn’t taken lightly, so I don’t think it’ll change. I haven’t talked to him yet. I’d like to let some time pass but, I reiterate, the team come first.”

Although Zanetti sounds optimistic it seems that there is no way back for Icardi at Inter. If the club would still think that Icardi would have a future at the club then they wouldn’t take his captaincy.

Icardi does have a contract with Inter until 2021, but it seems that the player has severed his ties with the club permanently.

It seems that Icardi is going to be the main transfer rumor of the summer as all the big clubs will be competing for his signature.

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