Video: Trippier funny own goal against Tottenham!

Trippier own goal chelsea

Trippier scores a funny own goal against Tottenham in a Premier League match!

Tripper scores a funny own goal as Chelsea leads.

It’s 2-0 for Chelsea who are in a good position to win against Tottenham.

Pedro scored the crucial goal that put the match in Chelsea’s favor while Tripper scored a funny own goal.

After intercepting a pass from Chelsea’s player, Trippier wanted to pass the ball to his goalkeeper. He made the pass, but goalkeeper went too far out of his goal as the ball went past him.

It was unintentional as both players were sadly looking at each other.

Trippier scored an unlikely and funny own goal to all but won the match for Chelsea.

An important moral boosting win for Chelsea who suffered a lot of painful defeats in recent weeks. At the same time, this defeat means that Tottenham title run has finally ended.


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