Video: Tagliafico controversially disallowed goal against Real Madrid!

Tagliafico disallowed goal real

Tagliafico controversially disallowed goal against Real Madrid in Champions League match!

Tagliafico controversially disallowed goal as Ajax showed a good performance.

Ajax and Real Madrid are still fixed in a goalless draw. It’s been an entertaining first half in which Ajax showed a lot better performance.

Courotis had to make one fantastic save while Tagliafico scored a goal that was ruled out via VAR.

After the goal was scored, the referee got called up to check on VAR. He took a few minutes and then decided to rule out the goal. The reason for that was one of Ajax players being in offside position and preventing Courtois getting the ball.

It was a controversial decision because Courtois didn’t have any chance of getting the ball while that Ajax player just stood there and didn’t intentionally obstruct Courtois.

Ajax players were unhappy with the decision and rightfully so. A decision like this also highlights problems of VAR as there will always be a human decision in the end.


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