Video: Sergio Aguero funny reaction after barely scoring a penalty against Kepa!

aguero funny reaction penalty chelsea

Sergio Aguero funny reaction after barely scoring a penalty goal against Kepa during penalty shoot-out between Chelsea and Manchester City!

Sergio Aguero funny reaction as Man City beat Chelsea on penalties.

The match ended with a Manchester City beating Chelsea on penalty shoot-out. City players were more calm and accurate to win another League Cup trophy.

Obviously, this match was overshadowed by Kepa and Sarri incident. Sarri wanted to replace Kepa at the end of extra time while Kepa refused and stayed on the pitch. A crazy situation.

Kepa did made one save during penalty shoot-out, but he also made one mistake.

Sergio Aguero had his penalty kick. He took a weak shot just right of Kepa. Chelsea’s keeper dived the right way and was on the ball. Somehow, Kepa let the ball slip right under him as Aguero couldn’t believe his luck.

He made a funny reaction, but this goal, indirectly, won the match for City.

You can expect Sarri and Kepa incident to get all the headlines from this match, but the fact remains that City has won another League Cup trophy.


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