Video: Javier Hernandez scores a clear handball goal against Fulham!

Javier Hernandez handball goal

Javier Hernandez scores a controversial handball goal against Fulham in a Premier League match!

Javier Hernandez controversial handball goal as West Ham equalized against Fulham.

West Ham and Fulham are playing a Premier League match on Friday. An uncharacteristic day to play a Premier League match, but that’s how it is.

Fulham took a very early lead thanks to a smart finish from Babel while West Ham scored a highly controversial goal.

Well, they scored a goal that shouldn’t have counted.

After the ball was bouncing in the box, Javier Hernandez (Chicharito) managed to get on the end of it and put the ball in the back of Fulham’s net.

Replays showed that Hernandez scored a goal intentionally with his hand. The goal, obviously, shouldn’t have counted, but there is no VAR in the Premier League.

Fulham should still be in the lead as referees made one of the biggest mistake in the Premier League this season.


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  1. It’s not one of the biggest mistakes of the season, it’s actually very hard to see in real time in my oppinion.

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