Video: Florenzi goes comically face to face with Dijks!

florenzi face to face dijks

Alessandro Florezni goes comically face to face with Mitchell Dijks in Serie A match between Roma and Bologna!

Florenzi with a hilarious confrontation with Dijks as Roma is having problems with Bologna.

Roma and Bologna are playing a late Monday night match in Serie A. It’s still 0-0 at the moment as neither team has scored a goal.

The funniest moment of this match happened when Florenzi decided to confront Dijks face-to-face.

This happened when Dijks pushed down Florenzi who slid off the pitch. This got Florenzi upset as he decided to confront Dijks with his face.

It was a hilarious scene as Dijks is considerably taller to Florenzi. Frankly, it looked like a confrontation between father and son as Dijks started laughing at Florenzi.

A funny confrontation while Roma is still having problems with Bologna’s defense.


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