Gif: Bongi Ntuli with intentional handball helps his team get a penalty!

Bongi Ntuli handball golden arrows

Bongi Ntuli makes an intentional handball which helps his team get a penalty against Golden Arrows in South Africa!

Bongi Ntuli made one of funniest handballs which eventually won his team a penalty.

There was a match played in South Africa between AmaZulu and Golden Arrows. The match took place on 22nd of December, 2018 as AmaZulu won the match with a 2-0 score.

Otherwise a forgettable match, had one hilarious and shocking moment.

Ntuli was trying to get into Golden Arrows penalty box. One of the opposing players managed to take the ball away from Ntuli, but that didn’t stop AmaZulu’s player. Bongi Ntuli made a clear and intentional handball to win the ball back and then even won his team a penalty.

Bongi scored from the resulting penalty which was his second goal of the match.

A shocking handball that somehow no one noticed is definitely one of the strangest highlights in South African league.


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