Video: Billy Sharp hat-trick goal against Aston Villa!

Billy Sharp hat-trick

Billy Sharp hat-trick goal against Aston Villa in Championship match!

Billy Sharp scores a hat-trick as Villa is going to get a home defeat.

Aston Villa and Sheffield United are playing their match in Championship. It’s 0-3 for Sheffield United who will get a win in apparent one sided match.

Villa has been substandard in this match as they haven’t even taken a shot on goal. Sheffield United punished Villa’s impotence with Billy Sharp scoring the goals.

Sharp scored all three goals as he scored one of the ‘ugliest’ hat-tricks in Championship this season.

The ball barely crawled over the line for the first goal while Sharp scored the second one about an inch away from the goal-line.

The third goal was his best and even this one was a bit ‘average’.

He got a great cross from the right, and he made a fine header shot to get his hat-trick. Despite the goals being displeasing, Sharp had a fantastic match and was decisive in humiliating Villa at their back yard.


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