Video: Angelo Ogbonna controversial handball against Liverpool!

Angelo Ogbonna handball

Angelo Ogbonna controversial handball against Liverpool in a late Premier League match!

Angelo Ogbonna controversial handball as West Ham is holding a draw against West Ham

West Ham and Liverpool are playing a late Monday match in Premier League. It’s 1-1 so far as Liverpool took the lead, but West Ham equalized.

Liverpool has been trying everything to score that second goal, but West Ham has prevented any serious chance for Liverpool.

Frankly, the best chance Liverpool had to scoring a goal in the second half was through Ogonna’s controversial handball.

Lallana, out of all the players, found himself on the right side of West Ham’s half just before the penalty area.

He made a cross into the box, but the ball quickly hit Ogbonna in his arm. A clear handball, but the referee didn’t even react. The play continued as Liverpool players thought that they should had a penalty.

Replays show that Liverpool could have easily got a penalty as the hand was too far from the body. It was accidental handball but still a handball.

There is still some time left in this match, but Liverpool is looking weak in attack. This penalty would have changed everything but it wasn’t given.


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