Gif: Eric Bautheac sensational overhead kick goal against Mariners!

Bautheac goal mariners

Eric Bautheac sensational overhead kick goal against Central Coast Mariners in Australian A-league.

Eric Bautheac sensational overhead kick goal as Brisbane got a big win.

The match between Central Coast Mariners and Brisbane Roar ended in a huge 3-5 win for the away team (Brisbane). A very surprising result given that both teams are at the foot of A-league.

The best moment of the match was when Eric Bautheac scored his goal.

Interesting, this was the first goal of the match that had eight goals overall.

Anyway, Bautheac got the ball in the Mariners box. The problem was that he had his back turned to Mariners goal. This made any kind of shot impossible, but Bautheac came up with a fantastic solution.

He controlled the ball with his chest and before the ball dropped to the pitch, he made a brilliant overhead kick shot that couldn’t be saved.

A sensational goal from Bautheac as Brisbane got a win. They will need to get a few more wins like that to stay in the top league next season.


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