Gif: Donnarumma stunning double save against Roma!

Donnarumma double save

Donnarumma with a stunning double save against Roma in Serie A match.

Donnarumma made a stunning double save as Roma has equalized.

Milan was leading against Roma as Piatek scored another goal. It seems that Polish international was the right choice for Milan as he singlehandedly sent Napoli packing in the Italian Cup.

Roma, on the other hand, took their time and eventually scored an equalizer.

This is one of the matches of the season for both these teams as they are both battling for a top 4 position in the league.

At the moment, it’s 1-1 between Roma and Milan, but Roma could have easily been in the lead.

Roma has been dangerous since that Milan’s goal and had a perfect chance to score a goal. It would have been a goal, but Milan has Donnarumma in their goal.

Milan’s keeper made a fantastic double save after Roma had two consecutive shots on goal. The first one was a dangerous header while the second one was a shot from close range.

A fantastic save from Donnarumma, but Roma is back and wanting to score another goal.


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