Video: Edin Dzeko direct red card for yelling at referee vs Fiorentina!

Edin Dzeko direct red card

Edin Dzeko got a direct red card for yelling at referee against Fiorentina in Serie A match!

Edin Dzeko got a direct red card, as Fiorentina is dominating Roma.

Fiorentina has ran over Roma, and they are leading their opponents with a 6-1 score.

A fantastic performance from Fiorentina, while at the same time a horrible one from Roma.

They have been outplayed, and even got one of their players sent off.

Their star striker, Edin Dzeko, went completely crazy after one call went against Roma. He went to the referee and shouted in his face. Frankly, it looked like he spat in referee’s face.

A crazy move from Dzeko who lost his mind.

Roma will likely suffer one of the worst defeats in their recent memory as they completely fell apart in a match where they shouldn’t. They are trying to get into that top 4 position, but defeats like this are making things hard for Roma (despite it only happening in Cup).


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