Gif: Emerson Palmieri comically passes to himself vs Tottenham!

Palmieri comically passes to himself

Emerson Palmieri comically passes to himself against Tottenham in Carabao Cup semi-final.

Emerson Palmieri comically passes to himself, as Chelsea knock out Tottenham.

As you know by now, Chelsea have beat Tottenham to knock them out of Carabao Cup semi-final. The first match ended with a 1-0 score, as Tottenham got a win, but the second match ended with a 2-1 win for Chelsea.

This meant that penalties had to decided the winner. Dier blasted his penalty over the goal, while Chelsea’s players didn’t miss a kick from the spot.

They deserved their win, as Tottenham failed in another semi-final.

The funniest thing in this match, besides Sarri’s yellow card, was Palmieri passing to himself.

Brazil left back tried to pass the ball to Chelsea teammates, but two teammates let the ball go past them, so Palmieri passed the ball back to him.

A funny situation that didn’t really have any impact on this match.

All in all, Chelsea is in another Carabao Cup final as they will play against Manchester City!


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