Gif Artur Boruc stunning fingertips save vs Chelsea!

Artur Boruc

Artur Boruc stunning fingertips save against Chelsea in La Liga match!

Artur Boruc stunning save as Bournemouth took an unlikely lead.

It’s 2-0 between Bournemouth and Chelsea. The Blues dominated this match, but Bournemouth took their chance and scored a goal.

Frankly, the only reason why Chelsea isn’t in the lead is Bournemouth’s keeper Artur Boruc.

Chelsea was on the attack. One of their players took a brilliant cross from the right. The ball found Kovacic completely unmarked. Kovacic took a great header shot, but Boruc made a brilliant fingertips save which deflected the ball onto the crossbar.

A fantastic save from Boruc as Chelsea is struggling against Bournemouth.

Higuain has been largely anonymous in this match while they simply lack any kind of alternative.


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