Manchester United value improves with Mourinho sacking!

Manchester United value

Manchester United value improves with Jose Mourinho’s sacking a day ago.

Manchester United value improves dramatically, as the club sacked Jose Mourinho.

It was a Tuesday morning and football fans were in for a shock. Well, it wasn’t really a shock, as this was expected to happen sooner than later.

Jose Mourinho was sacked and some were very happy with that, while others weren’t.

Now, whenever a club sacks its manager, that club usually loses in value. That’s because some kind of instability is expected, but not with United.

Mourinho has managed to make the club so bad that United gained in value, as soon as Mourinho was sacked.

As reported in Manchester Evening News, United’s value has increased for overall value of £120 million.

That’s a huge increase and will likely make Mourinho’s release clause (value at £10 million) a bit easier to “digest” by the club.

Solskjaer has been appointed as a new manager of Manchester United. He is only an caretaker manager, as United will likely try to get someone experienced during the summer.

Manchester United value has increased for
£120 million.

Solskjaer is quite an unknown “quality”, as he has managed only Molde and Cardiff. He didn’t leave too positive impression while managing Cardiff in Premier League and he is going to have even tougher job at United.

In any case, Mourinho has become part of United’s history, which has had a positive impact on the financial side of the club (for now).

Ever since Ferguson retired, United has been trying to replace him with a manager that could bring “big” trophies to the club.

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So far, United has failed with every appointment, as there is a feeling that Ferguson was simply irreplaceable.

The funny thing is Moyes original contract still has four months to go, which points to United’s long term problem.

The modern Manchester United has been built on massive success, while the future United will likely have big problems in winning important trophies.

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