Alexis Sanchez attacks The Sun of giving fake news!

Alexis Sanchez

Alexis Sanchez attacks The Sun of giving out fake news, as he denied about him betting about Mourinho’s sacking.

Alexis Sanchez attacks The Sun, as Chilean was shocked with news about him.

Surprise, surprise. Newspaper called The Sun has gotten into another weird situation regarding a famous footballer.

The Sun, who is more famous by stirring controversy than anything else, has gotten in a “heated” situation regarding Alexis Sanchez.

The Sun was reporting that Alexis Sanchez bet with Marcos Rojo about Mourinho getting sacked at Manchester United.

Alexis Sanchez hit back with a Twitter post, where he explained that The Sun just gave a fake news about his “crazy” bet

“This is fake!!!. [Mourinho] brought me to the best team in the world and I only have appreciation for him. We are united team. We’re MANCHESTER UNITED. Respect. I can’t wait to be able to help the team, as we’re going to get forward together. Good luck tomorrow my family!”

Good for Alexis Sanchez to expose The Sun, yet again.

“This is fake!

Although most of the football fans know by now that The Sun isn’t the most reliable source concerning football news.

Still, Sanchez is probably, like majority of United players, quite “happy” that Mourinho was sacked.

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He simply didn’t work under Mourinho’s defensive tactics, which will probably change with Solskjaer.

In any case, Sanchez is still injured, while United fans will see how Manchester United will perform tomorrow against Cardiff City!

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