Reiss Nelson explains his loan to Hoffenheim!

Reiss Nelson explains his loan to Hoffenheim

Reiss Nelson explains his loan to Hoffenheim, after leaving Arsenal and Premier League in the summer!

Reiss Nelson explains his loan to Hoffenheim, where he kick-started his career.

Nelson seemed promising player at Arsenal, but there was a sense that he lacked experience to get into Arsenal’s first team.

He was there, occasionally, but he couldn’t get a starting role in the club.

When Emery replaced Wenger, during the summer, Nelson decided to take a loan. Most of the fans expected him to join a club in England.

Some of the Premier League and Championship clubs were mentioned, but Reiss Nelson decided to go to Germany.

A surprising move that has ended up as a fantastic move by the youngster.

Nelson has been nothing short of phenomenal in Germany, as he has already scored 6 goals in 7 appearances for Hoffenheim.

A fantastic achievement for the player, who has finally decided to explain his decision to quite England (for a year) and go to Germany.

As reported in BBC Sport, Nelson had this to say about his unexpected move.

“For me, I always want to be the best player I can be. I’m 18 and I thought going to the Bundesliga will give me a challenge and doing that would make me become a better footballer and a better person as well throughout life.

“I wanted to challenge myself and see what I could do.It’s going well so far.

“It’s incredible. But I’ve just got to keep it up. It’s not just for the six games, I’ve got to do it throughout the season.”

So, Nelson went to Germany because of the “challenge”, but that doesn’t really explain the whole situation.

“I thought going to the Bundesliga will give me a challenge.”

He could have gone to any club in England, but he decided to quite the nation, for the time being.

Nelson basically represents a wave of young English players going to Bundesliga, because they can get more playing time, while also playing games in Champions League, or Europa League.

This is proving to be a very smart choice, as Nelson and Sancho are becoming “stars” in Germany.

There’s a feeling that this trend will continue and there are going to be more young English players playing in Germany, and who knows, this might be crucial for England’s future success on international level.


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