Maurizio Sarri revels why no one can match Manchester City!

Maurizio Sarri

Maurizio Sarri revels why no one can match Manchester City in the Premier League, this season!

Maruzio Sarri being honest about City’s domination.

Chelsea is currently one of the three teams that still didn’t get defeated in the Premier League.

The others two are Liverpool and Manchester City. For Chelsea’s manager, Maurizio Sarri, City is a class above the rest.

Sarri was talking in Chelsea’s press conference and he had this to say about City’s domination in the Premier League.

“I think that, at the moment, in the Premier League there is a team above the others. This team is Manchester City. Then there is a very good team, Liverpool. For sure, they will be in the first four positions.

“No, at the moment, no [Chelsea can’t challenge City for the title]. For me, they are stronger than us at the moment. We have to work, we have to work very hard just to try to recover the gap. But, at the moment, the gap is still there.”

A very honest opinion by Sarri, who has confirmed what most of the Premier League fans already know.

“No, at the moment, no [Chelsea can’t challenge City for the title]”

Manchester City is simply too good for everyone else in the Premier League this season. Sure, there is Liverpool, but there’s a feeling that City is just too strong for Reds.

It’s true that Sarri opinion isn’t that gratifying  for Chelsea, but the London based club is surely missing a world class striker to be able to rival City for the title.

There is January transfer window just behind the corner, but it would be a huge surprise, if anyone else than Man City wins the Premier League this season.

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