Mourinho casts doubt on De Gea’s future at Man United!


Jose Mourinho casts doubt on David De Gea’s future at Manchester United!

Mourinho is not optimistic about De Gea.

Manchester United is in terrible form. They have won only 2 matches in the last 7 and have lost their decisive match against Juventus in Champions League.

Everyone is being criticized and picked upon, along with Mourinho.

One of the rare players that has managed to evade criticism is David De Gea. The reason for this is that he is the only player that has performed to his standard.

He has made some spectacular saves and he is the only reason why United isn’t in relegation zone (in Premier League).

As you probably know, De Gea is one of the best keepers inthe world, and it seems that the Spaniard doesn’t rate United too much.

That’s not really surprising given the form of the club in the last couple of years.

Mourinho has now confirmed that negotiations with De Gea aren’t going according to plan.

Talking for Sky Sports, Mourinho had this to say about De Gea’s future.

“I am not confident, but I’m also not worried, I can not find the word in English, but let’s see what happens.

“Only the club, David and his people can answer that.My comment is only that everyone knows how good he is, how important he is for Manchester United and if the club want to be better than it is and not worse, obviously it would be very important to keep David.”

“I am not confident (about De Gea)!”

The thing that sticks out for Mourinho’s comment is that he is not confident about De Gea. Obviously he is not worried, as United still has some time to make it happen.

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Still, it seems that De Gea would be interested in Juve, or PSG switch, as those clubs are flying a lot higher than United.

It seems that United also made a big mistake by giving Luke Shaw such a big increase in his pay check. This has obviously made the players wanting even bigger wage, now.

There is still enough time for United to make the deal for De Gea, but it doesn’t look good.


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