Maradona has a bizarre advice for Messi!


Maradona has a bizarre advice for Lionel Messi regarding his future with Argentina’s national team.

Maradona has a crazy advice.

After Argentina lost a decisive match against France in the World Cup, a lot of people thought that they are seeing the last of Messi in Argentina’s jersey.

Messi was crying, while he was consoled by Pogba.

A sad sight, but quite expected given how poorly Argentina played in the World Cup.

Given that the World Cup is well behind us, Messi has still not publicly declared anything about his national team’s future.

Some are expecting him to continue to play for Argentina, while some don’t.

Maradona has decided to speak up for Clarin about the whole thing and he gave a rather bizarre advice to Messi.

“What would I tell Messi? To not come back any more. To retire. I would tell him: ‘don’t go anymore, man’. Let’s see if they can handle that. Let’s see if they’re really big men.

“I would have liked to see him tell us all to f**k off. Because he is not to blame for us not being world champions.”

This means that Maradona wants Messi to retire, because he had too much expectation on him.

This is true! Messi was seen as a player to would single handedly bring the World Cup to Argentina, which was something Lionel couldn’t do.

“I would have liked to see him tell us all to F**k off!”

Still, Messi is used to expectations like that. He is considered as the best football player in the world, so naturally everyone expects him to win games on his own.

Therefore, to say that Messi should retire because of expectations is bizarre. Messi is used to this “over” expectations, so it would be strange for him to retire from Argentina because of this.

The reason why Messi should stop playing for the national team, is to make Argentina more than just a one man team. They have fantastic players and they might achieve more, when they don’t have a pressure of Messi in their team.

In any case, Maradona’s advice to Messi is bizarre, while little wizard should already speak up about his future in the national team.

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