Video: Rangers fan injures linesman’s head vs Livingston!

Rangers fan

Rangers fan injures linesman’s head after throwing something at his head during a match against Livingston!

Rangers fan went crazy.

Livingston and Rangers match ended with surprising 1-0 win for Livingston.

Not really a shocking result, given that Livingston was right behind Rangers.

Anyway, this match had one controversial moment that marred the whole match.

One of Rangers’ fans was unhappy with the way the match was going and he threw something at the linesman.

The match had to be stopped, as linesman needed medical attention.

A terrible situation for everyone involved, as Rangers is probably going to get a big punishment for failing to control their fans.

Editors’ picks:

This fan will probably never be allowed to see Rangers’ football match again, while linesman will have a bad headache for days to come.

This is the second defeat for Steve G at Rangers, while Livingston moved ahead in the table.


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