Scaloni isn’t sure about Messi’s future with Argentina!


Argentina’s new manager Lionel Scaloni isn’t sure about Lionel Messi’s future with Argentina’s national team!

Scaloni has doubts about Messi.

Argentina disappointed in the World Cup in Russia, as they lost in the last 16 against eventual winners Russia.

Bad World Cup performance, was also the reason why Messi has been left out of top individual awards for the past season.

When Argentina got knocked out against France, you could see Messi crying and some saw that as the last image of Messi for Argentina.

The little Argentinian already announced his retirement prior to this World Cup, but then made a comeback.

His future with Argentina is now pretty much up in the air and new Argentina’s manager Scaloni has his doubts about Messi.

Scaloni, who sees himself as only an interm manager, told this before the match against Guatemala.

 “I think it’s clear, we spoke with him and we’ll see on the next list if he comes back or not. I don’t think it’s justified to speak about him now, the day before a match.

“I’m sure we’ll see what happens in the future.”

Well, Scaloni didn’t say much, but he clearly pointed out the ambiguity about Messi’s future with Argentina.

“I’m sure we’ll see what happens in the future!”

You could say that Messi is still undecided about him playing for Argentina.

If you look at Lionel Messi’s age, then he could have easily play for the national team. Even that first retirement was a bit strange.

Other than that, Messi didn’t have much success with Argentina, as he usually flopped at the final hurdle.

In either case, Messi will go down in history as the best Argentina’s player, but Maradona will always be a bit more “cherished” because of his World Cup win with his nation.

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