Ronaldinho finally reveals where he got his tricks!


Ronaldinho finally reveals where he got his incredible football tricks from and it’s from someone that you wouldn’t expect.

Ronaldinho reviled a big secret!

You probably remember the times when Ronaldinho was the king of football.

His reign was short (comparing to Ronaldo and Messi), but very “graphical”.

He had those incredible no-look passes and skills that no one saw before, well at least people thought that they never saw before.

Ronaldinho won Ballon d’Or for his showcasing, but then left Barca, and everything went down from there.

Brazil superstar has finally decided to speak up for ESPN about his tricks!

“I imitaded Djalminha for a long time.

“A lot of things that I did in Barcelona I took from Djalminha. When I did the back pass, people would ask what was that, I watched Djalminha do that in 96 in Palmeiras vs Grêmio, and I waited 10 years to be able to pull it off.”

So, Djalminha was the source of Ronaldinho’s incredible skills.

If you don’t know who Djalminha is, he was attacking midfielder who started his career for Flamengo and left the biggest mark in Deportivo.

Obviously, his career wasn’t as big as Ronaldinho, but a video of Djalminha’s highlights proves that Barca’s wonder got his tricks from him.

It’s incredible that Djalminha didn’t become more famous than he did, but he peaked just before the rise of Youtube and modern social media.

In any case, if you want to see the man that Ronaldinho learned his tricks from, then I advise you to watch the video below!

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