Richarlison almost quit football in his youth!


Everton’s Richarlison explains in an interview that he almost quit football in his youth!

Richarlison came a long way.

Brazil played a match against El Salvador in a “pointless” friendly match.

Not surprisingly, Brazil won the match 5-0, as they outplayed El Salvador.

This match didn’t have a particular importance, but one Brazil player is going to remember it for the rest of his life.

Richarlison scored a debut goal and his second goal for Brazil.

He has two appearances and two goals for Brazil.

He was signed by Everton, in the summer, for around €45 million. A massive fee for someone that came from a club like Watford.

The Brazilian has already scored three goals for his club, as he is proving to be one of the most perspective Brazil players (he is only 21 years old).

It wasn’t always like that, as Richarlison explained for AS in an interview.

“I don’t have enough fingers on my two hands to count the number of clubs who rejected me. I was on the point of quitting football, but I kept my head up and went to Belo Horizonte with just the money for the journey there for the last trial I had, with América MG.

“If I hadn’t made it, I wouldn’t have had enough money to get home, to Espíritu Santo, 600 kilometres from there. I gave it everything I had that morning and I got through. If I’d given up after the first ‘no’, I wouldn’t be where I am.”

An inspiring story from Richarlison, who kept trying despite continues rejections.

It’s funny that he was rejected by so many clubs, but is now considered as one of the most perspective players in the world.

“If I’d given up after the first ‘no’, I wouldn’t be where I am!”

This proves that things can change quickly in football.

Some football players are wanted by everyone when they are young, but completely flop when they are in Richarlison’s years. Well, Everton’s 2nd most expensive player is showing real quality at the right age.

It’s still early for Richarlison, but everything suggest that he has a big future in football.

He has made a good start to his Everton’s and Brazil’s career. If he continues with the form he has, than he will end up at Real, or Barca in no time.

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