Messi was crying like a baby, explains Paolorosso!


Lionel Messi was crying like a baby, after Argentina lost the Copa America 2016 against Chile, explains coach Elvio Paolorosso!

Messi was not in a good mood after defeat!

Without a doubt, Lionel Messi is one of the greatest football players that ever played the game.

He has won so much trophies for Barcelona, that you have difficulty to comprehend. At the same time, he has managed to break every possible individual record.

A truly incredible player, who won it all on the club level.

Things get a bit complicated with Messi and Argentina.

So far, Messi has won only Olympic gold medal with Argentina, while he lost the World Cup final and three Copa America finals.

A stark contrast from his track record with Barcelona.

Argentina’s fitness coach Elvio Paolorosso explained just how did losing the last Copa America final influence Messi.

“After that Copa America [2016] was very painful, but the worst came later. Around 2AM I found Leo at his locker alone, completely alone, crying like a baby who had lost his mother. No one could console him. So I just put my arm around him and the two of us cried together.”

That’s also probably the reason why Messi retired from Argentina after that Copa America.

“(Messi was) crying like a baby who had lost his mother!”

He did return to the national team for the World Cup, but he suffered another loss, this time against France.

There’s a big chance that Messi won’t win anything (besides that gold) for Argentina. Although there hasn’t been any confirmation, Messi will likely retire from the national team for good.

Will this affect his legacy?

It might, but this won’t erase all the achievements he made on the club’s level, or the fact that he just might be the best ever football player.

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