Messi thinks that Real is worse without Ronaldo!


Lionel Messi thinks that Real Madrid is worse without Cristiano Ronaldo!

Messi thinks that Real is worse.

Ronaldo’s shocking transfer to Juventus for Real Madrid is still a big talking point in football.

No one saw that transfer coming, as Ronaldo was seen as integral part of Real Madrid.

Still, the transfer happened and Ronaldo is shooting on goal and missing for Juve, now!

With transfer to Juve, Ronaldo ended his direct rivalry with Lionel Messi. Something that probably ended up hurting La Liga even more than Real Madrid.

Messi has spoken up for Catalunya radio, about Real Madrid and the absence of Ronaldo.

“Real Madrid are one of the best teams in the world and they have a great squad, but it’s evident that the absence of Ronaldo makes them less good and makes Juventus one of the favorites to win the Champions League.

“It surprised me when he left. I didn’t imagine him leaving Madrid or joining Juventus. There were a lot of teams that wanted him. It surprised me, but he has gone to a very good team.”

Messi thinks that Real is going to be worse without Ronaldo, but this hasn’t been the fact at the start of the season.

“Absence makes them less good!”

It looks like Ronaldo has been “suppressing” some of the Real’s stars, as both Benzema and Bale has started scoring goals and playing great.

Messi is right that Real will end up worse, but more in terms of star power and commercial revenue than anything else.

Real might actually end up a lot better this season, as Ronaldo’s form at Juventus is showing an apparent problem.

He is the player to have the most shots without the goal, while the team is trying everything possible for him to score a goal.

This was a similar problem at Madrid, where everything was “subordinated” to Ronaldo.

This way, Real is free from trying to win Ronaldo’s personal trophies and will focus more on team play.

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