Douglas Costa gives a cryptic explanation about spitting Di Francesco!

Diego Costa

Douglas Costa gives a cryptic explanation about his spitting in Federico Di Francesco’s mouth!

Douglas costa apparently gets up early!

You have probably saw the incident by now, of Douglas Costa spitting right into Federico Di Francesco’s mouth.

A bizarre incident that saw Costa getting a red card (and lengthy suspension) right before the end of the match.

This wasn’t the only strange incident by Costa in that match. He head-butted and elbowed Di Francesco, for something that Sassuolo’s player said to him.

Now, Douglas Costa is usually calm, but he went absolutely crazy about something Di Francesco said to him.

Obviously, everyone is interested in what Di Francesco said to him.

Costa has decided to speak up about the incident and he gave a very cryptic explanation.

“I have woken up at 5 am since I was 12 years old. You do not know what he told me, but never mind, I apologize to all those to whom I have to ask, because I was wrong”

Well, Costa couldn’t be more cryptic, as he only pointed out that it had something to do with him being lazy.

Editors’ pick

It’s difficult to understand that “calm” Costa would go crazy for such a thing. It had to be something else. Maybe a racist slur along with laziness?

In any case, Costa will probably get a very lengthy suspension that might even cost him his career at Juventus.

While Juve won’t have big problems replacing Costa, now that they have Ronaldo in their team.

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