Del Piero is critical about Ronaldo snubbing UEFA awards!

Del Piero

Alessandro Del Piero is critical about Cristiano Ronaldo snubbing UEFA awards and Luka Modric as the player of the year!

Del Piero isn’t happy about Ronaldo.

As you remember, Modric was shockingly picked as the player of the year in UEFA awards.

This made a lot of people happy, as Modric was one of the stand out players in Champions League and World Cup.

Well, this also made some people very unhappy, like Ronald and his manager.

Bizarrely, this made Ronaldo so unhappy that he didn’t even show up for the awards.

Former Juventus star, Alessandro Del Piero didn’t like that and he decided to speak up.

As reported in Goal, Del Piero had this to say about Ronaldo’s snub.

“I understand Cristiano but Modric deserved the award. Modric did something extraordinary in Madrid and in the World Cup, so the prize was well deserved. But Cristiano also had a wonderful season.

“I would also get angry in [Ronaldo’s] place, but not going to the gala is something else.”

Frankly, Ronaldo had a very bizarre reaction to the whole thing and showed a lot of his ego.

“Not going to the gala is something else!”

The fact is that Ronaldo scored a lot of goals, but Modric was the one who was better overall in Champions League and World Cup.

Del Piero was quite right about this criticism of Ronaldo, who should have at least come to the presentation.

His former (long term) teammate won the award and it would make sense for Ronaldo to congratulate him, as they both won all those trophies together.

Strangely, but home leagues were totally overlooked in the awards, as neither Real Madrid, or Liverpool achieved much at home, but still got three players nominated for the best of the season.

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