Video: Morelos and Flanagan got sent off against Ufa!

Morelos and Flanagan

Morelos and Flanagan got sent off for second yellow cards against Ufa in an early Europa League qualifier!

Morelos and Flanagan ended their match early against Ufa.

Rangers have qualified for Europa League.

They knocked out Ufa with an overall result of 1-2.

It was a tough match for Rangers, especially because Ufa had two players more on the pitch for a lot of the match.

Alfredo Morelos was the first one to be sent off, after a foul and for talking back to the referee, after he got a yellow card.

It was extremely stupid thing to do and Rangers had a player less on the pitch.

Jon Flanagan was second man to be sent off for an obvious elbow.

Like Morelos, he had a completely unprofessional reaction and nearly started a massive brawl.

Despite having two players less on the pitch, Rangers somehow managed to progress to the next round by playing a draw 1-1 against Ufa in this match.


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