Video: Fabinho bizarre penalty miss vs Torino!

Fabinho makes a bizarre penalty miss against Torino in a friendly match!

Fabinho missed from the spot.

Liverpool is playing against Torino, their last friendly match before the Premier League starts.

They are winning 2-1, as Fabinho and Wijnaldum scored the goals. Belotti did pull one goal back, but Liverpool is dominating this match.

It should have been at least 3-1, as Liverpool had a penalty.

Fabinho took the chance to score, but he missed it.

Now, this wouldn’t be anything strange, if it would happen with some other player, but the Brazilian is something of a penalty kick specialist.

He had 15 penalties for Monaco and he scored all 15, while he had one penalty for Liverpool and immediately missed from the spot.

This shows you what happens to a player when he signs for Liverpool. On more serious note, this doesn’t change the fact that Fabinho is one hell of a penalty kick taker.

He is probably going to continue in taking penalties, as he will be a key player for Liverpool this season.


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