Video: Anthony Taylor comically gifts West Ham a chance, after blocking the ball!

Anthony Taylor

Referee Anthony Taylor comically gifted West Ham a goal scoring chance, after blocking the ball against Liverpool!

Anthony Taylor is having a match and a half.

Liverpool and West Ham are playing a match in a Premier League. Its 1-0 for Liverpool, who were a lot better than West Ham.

They dominated the match and they should have scored at least another goal.

It’s funny, but West Ham’s best chance was created by referee himself.

Anthony Taylor was a bit too close to the action near Liverpool’s penalty area. He basically blocked Wijnaldum’s pass and gifted a chance to West Ham. Lucky for Liverpool, West Ham didn’t take the chance.

A pretty bad mistake from Taylor, who would deserve a yellow card for his position and movement, but nothing happened in the end.

Liverpool is in the lead and looking very strong at the start of the season.


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