Video: Alfredo Morelos harsh red card against Aberdeen!

Alfredo Morelos

Alfredo Morelos got a harsh red card against Aberdeen in Scottish league!

Alfredo Morelos got sent off!

Aberdeen and Rnagers are playing their opening match of the new season in Scottish league.

 Steven Gerrard is making his debut on Ranger’s bench and he is having the right result. Its 0-1 for Rangers, but the match is quite open.

The reason for this is the fact that Rangers have a player less on the pitch.

Alfredo Morelos got sent off in controversial fashion, as Aberdeen have a man advantage.

It was a very harsh red card, as Morelos made a little kick on his opponent, after being body checked. It was nothing really, as Aberdeen player didn’t even react, but linesman saw it and instructed referee.

A very weird call, but Rangers are still in front.

Stil, if they lose this match, its going to be because of this weird call.


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