Torreira signed for Arsenal thanks to Chelsea!


Lucas Torreira signed for Arsenal thanks to Chelsea (in a way), according to his agent!

Torreira was close to ending at Napoli.

Arsenal didn’t have the best start to the new Premier League season.

Two defeats in two matches wasn’t great, but the third match brought the victory.

Torreira hasn’t a started a match for Arsenal, as he is adopting to the Premier League. Despite this, he showed glimpses of a fantastic player when he got the chance.

There’s a big chance that Torreira might end up as one of the key players for Arsenal this season, but he will take some time to adopt to the Premier League, as Serie A is a “slower” league.

It’s interesting that Torreira was very close to Napoli, but he ended up at Arsenal, thanks to Chelsea (in a way).

As reported in, Torreira’s agent spoke about his client almost ending up at Napoli.

“Ancelotti wasn’t in place yet when the talks were ongoing between the involved parties. He could’ve been a great mentor and coach for Lucas but as my client told me, talks were too advanced with Arsenal at that point in time.

“If his move to Arsenal would’ve collapsed then a move to Napoli would’ve been perfect for him. In the end, the gunners satisfied our demands and they even were willing to pay 5 million euros more than his release clause. EPL? He is adapting well to the league and he is happy to be here with Arsenal.”

“Ancelotti wasn’t in place yet when the talks were ongoing!”

OK, so he didn’t really said that Chelsea was to blame for Arsenal signing Torreira, but the reason why Napoli needed so long to appoint Ancelotti, was Chelsea.

For some bizarre reason, Chelsea took a very long time to sack Conte and appoint Sarri (the manager of Napoli, at the time), which prevented Napoli to appoint Ancelotti sooner.

This in effect prevented Napoli to sign Torreira, as they ended up too slow for Arsenal.

Interesting that Chelsea helped Arsenal, who just might end up with one of the best young midfielders in Europe.

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