Ramos strikes back at Klopp!

Ramos strikes back

Sergio Ramos decided to strike back at Jurgen Klopp, for his comments about Ramos trying to hurt Liverpool players!

Ramos strikes back at Liverpool’s manager, Jurgen Klopp.

There have been about three months since Real Madrid beat Liverpool for the third successive Champions League trophy.

It was somehow a controversial match, as Ramos injured Salah, and than gave a concussion to Karius.

Karius (thanks to concussion) than made two blunders that gave Real Madrid a Champions League win.

Obviously, Klopp wasn’t happy about the whole situation and said publicly that Ramos wants to hurt his opponents.

Well, Ramos has decided to hit back at Klopp (only now).

Talking about it before the Super Cup match against Sevilla, Ramos had this to say about Klopp.

“I have no intention of hurting a player deliberately. I’m not going to highlight this again. I’ve given my view before of what happened, it was not intentional. (Salah) pulled my arm first.

“It’s not the first final he has lost, he should mind his own business. Some of us have been operating at a very high level for many years, I’m not sure he can say the same.

“When we voted for the best managers, I voted for him, so he can calm down.”

Although Ramos said that he voted for Klopp as the best manager of the season, this will likely not make Klopp feel better about Ramos.

“It’s not the first final he has lost, he should mind his own business!”

The fact is that Ramos is known to use “dirty” tricks to help his teams and it worked against Liverpool.

Did Ramos intentionally injury Liverpool players, probably not, but if you look at any of the videos of him and Messi, you’ll see that there is something dark about Ramos.

Anyway, Real won and Liverpool lost. This means that Klopp has had two Champions League finals and he lost them both.

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