Pochettino flabbergasted by Tottenham’s lack of signings!


Mauricio Pochettino is flabbergasted by Tottenham’s lack of signings in this summer transfer window!

Pochettino is bewildered.

Premier League transfer window has closed, at least in terms of signings.

They can still sell players to other leagues, but no other can come to the league until January.

You could debate about who was the winner of this transfer window, but there was just one loser.

Tottenham failed to sign a player in this transfer window, which makes it the only club to NOT sign anyone.

This is strange to everyone, as Tottenham is in need of reinforcements.

They haven’t won a trophy in more than a decade, while their star players are worn out by World Cup.

Pochettino has spoken up about  this strange “situation” in his press conference.

“Of course, it’s difficult to understand that Tottenham didn’t sign or sell players, but sometimes in football you need to behave differently. If we are happy with our squad and cannot improve our squad, sometimes it’s better to keep our squad together.

“The market was crazy. We have a very good squad, with very good players and it is very difficult to add players to that. Our targets are always the same level as Manchester United, Manchester City or Real Madrid but for different circumstances we can’t achieve that.”

Pochettino did answer in a “smart” way (without controversy), but it is apparent that he is unhappy that Tottenham didn’t sign anyone.

“Of course, it’s difficult to understand that Tottenham didn’t sign or sell players.”

Tottenham probably has the best team in decades, yet they are missing one, or two “special” players, so they could finally won a trophy.

The main reason (probably) for this lack of transfers is a lack of transfer funds.

Tottenham is building a new stadium and they don’t have the money for new players.

You could say that they started building a new stadium at the wrong time, as their star players might leave, before the club will have any money available for top players.

As it stands, Tottenham is just a “weak” contender for the title, as they desperately need reinforcements to improve.

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