Petr Cech is angry about Bayer Leverkusen!

Petr Cech

Petr Cech got very upset by Bayer Leverkusen’s official twitter account, after some banter during the match against Manchester City.

Petr Cech was not happy.

As you know by know. Well, you should know by now that Manchester City beat Arsenal in the first match of the new Premier League season.

It was a dominating performance from City, who haven’t changed much from last season.

Arsenal, on the other hand, had some kind of revolution.

Emery has replaced Wenger, and there are some new arrivals and new ideas.

It didn’t work against City, which went (let’s be honest) according to expectations.

Petr Cech had a strange match against City in which he almost scored an own goal. He also made numerous fantastic saves, but Bayer Leverkusen’s twitter still had a go at Cech.

During the summer, Arsenal signed keeper Leno from Leverkusen in bid to replace aging Cech.

Well, Cech started against City and Leverkusen gave “a support” to their former player.

This got Cech pretty upset and he responded after the match with…

A very strong response from Cech who didn’t like Leverkusen’s banter one bit.

“We might know a guy…”

Beyer Leverkusen didn’t want to create a “commotion”, so they quickly apologized with another tweet.

To be honest, both parties went a bit overboard with their reactions, but it did seemed weird that Cech started ahead of Leno.

There were no injury news regarding Leno, while Cech didn’t give a “sensational” performance against City.

There’s a big chance that Leno will start the next match, but let’s just wait and see what happens against Chelsea.

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