Paul Pogba CANNOT SAY, if he is happy at Manchester United!

Paul Pogba

Paul Pogba has shocked everyone after signaling that he is unhappy at Manchester United, after the match against Leicester City!

Paul Pogba is in a weird state.

World Cup has ended almost a month ago, as France won the World Cup.

It was a controversial final between France and Croatia, but one of the best players of that match was Paul Pogba.

Pogba had a fantastic World Cup behind him and was one of the best players of the tournament.

Mourinho was talking about how Pogba (from the World Cup) was missing at United, and questioning the reasons for this.

It was a rather strange interview, but it was soon forgotten (at least by fans).

Before the season started, there were increasing speculation that Pogba wants to leave Manchester United.

Transfer deadline passed and Pogba had a good match against Leicester, as he even scored a goal.

After the match, he gave a strange interview.

“What do you mean being the real Pogba?

“You have to know one thing: a player that gets chosen and is happy, you always feel more comfortable than when he’s not happy. That’s all I say. If you’re not happy, you cannot give your best

“There are things and there are things that I cannot say otherwise I will get fined.”

It looks like Pogba is still unhappy about some things, but he is apparently happy enought to perform well.

“There are things and there are things that I cannot say!”

Its almost impossible to decipher his meaning, but there are some problems at Manchester United.

Perhaps, it is that interview from Mourinho (during the World Cup), or maybe not.

Pogba had a chance to quash the transfer rumors, but he just sparked things up. There is a small chance of him in this transfer window, but it’s hard to say what will happen in the future.

He just might end up at Barcelona sooner than later.

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