Lucas Torreira describes why he picked number 11 at Arsenal!

Lucas Torreira describes why exactly did he picked number 11 at Arsenal, and not some different number!

Lucas Torreira is a fan of someone.

Arsenal signed Torreira before the end of the World Cup, but the little Uruguayan will only now make his debut for the Gunners.

He is the most expensive Arsenal signing this season and big things are expected from him.

For one, he is expected to help fix Arsenal defense at being more stable and not conceding so many goals.

Torreira is going to make his debut against Lazio, and he decided to share a surprising reason, as to why he picked number 11, for radio station Sport 890.

“I wanted to pick 34 but It was already taken by Xhaka. I chose 11 because it’s the day of my birthday and I will get the chance to sit next to Mesut Ozil in the dressing room.

“It’s incredible when you go to the dressing room and see your locker is glued to that of Mesut Ozil who is a World Champion and a player with a fantastic career.”

It looks like Torreira is quite a fan of Ozil.  He is going to sit right next to him in the dressing room, which will probably make Torreria play even better.

Arsenal lacked a proper defensive midfielder in the last couple of seasons and results showed that.

“I will get the chance to sit next to Mesut Ozil!”

Arsenal finished 5th and 6th in the league, and Torreira will probably change that.

Who knows, he might actually be the main reason why Arsenal will be a contender in the Premier League this season.

In either case, Torreira is going to spend this season playing and sitting next to his favorite player.

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