Rubiales breaks the silence about Spain exit in the World Cup!

Luis Rubiales

Luis Rubiales, who fired Lopetegui a day before World Cup, has spoken about Spain’s exit against Russia!

Rubiales and Russia shocked Spain.

Spain is out of the World Cup against Russia!

Hardly a deserving victory for Russia, but they defended well and were great in penalties.

Spain, on the other hand, wanted to win the match by possession alone. They even broke the world record by having the most passes in a single match.

The worst ranked team in the tournament has knocked out Spain. There are questions raised as to how this happened.

You don’t have to look far for the man, who (in a way) helped Russia.

The president of Spanish football federation, Luis Rubiales, made a crazy move before the start of the World Cup.

He replaced than Spanish manager Lopetegui, (with Hierro) only a day before the start of the World Cup.

The reason for this was that Lopetegui signed for Real without telling that to Rubiales. That was unprofessional from Lopetegui, but Rubiales had a crazy reaction, that no one liked.

Given Spain’s exit, Rubiales has decided to speak out about it.

“Today there is pain, as we have been eliminated. But you can be calm when you know you have acted with responsibility, conviction and values. You cannot look back later due to a result on the pitch.”

Its true that it could have happened the same with Lopetegui, but no one will ever know. Rubiales made a weird excuse about responsibility and values, but it was a bad move.

“You have acted with responsibility, conviction, and values.”

A move that happened more due to big ego than some values.

It wouldn’t be a mistake for him to resign his post, as his action (probably) directly influenced his country’s poor performance in the World Cup.

In any case, Spain is out, while Russia has a good chance of reaching a semi-finale of this World Cup.

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