Paul Pogba CRAZY speech before the match against Argentina!

Paul Pogba

Paul Pogba made a crazy speech before the match against Argentina in the World Cup quarter-final!

Paul Pogba was angry.

France won the World Cup after beating Croatia 4-2 in the final. It was a dubious win, but still a win.

Before that France beat Belgium, Uruguay, and Argentina.

The only match in which France fell behind was against Argentina, but they turned it around and won that match 4-3.

Only now, has a video surfaced of Paul Pogba giving a speech before the start of that match.

It was a crazy speech, but apparently, it worked.

“I don’t want to go home tonight. We don’t go home. All together. Warriors. We are going to kill those Argentines. Messi or not, we don’t give a fu*k, we will win this fu*king World Cup.”

You could say that Pogba went a bit too far with his speech, but it sure raised the spirits of the team.

Its funny, but Pogba even predicted a World Cup win for France.

“We will win this fu*king World Cup!”

English pundits are usually criticizing Pogba for his lack of involvement, but this video shows a different Pogba. A man that isn’t centered on his haircuts, but on his teams performance there on the pitch.

You could say that Pogba matured in this World Cup, he even scored a crucial goal in the final. He was one of the most criticized players in the Premier League, but he’s going to get a lot more respect now.

If you know French, and if you want to hear (and see) the whole speech, than watch it below on Twitter video.

France won this World Cup with defensive football, but it worked. Some (like Ben Arfa) think that France should pick a new manager (coach), but why for?

The point isn’t to win it with style, the point is to win it, and if there is style, so much the better.

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